Information on parole hearings.


. Powers and duties of board; eligibility for parole; procedure for granting parole.


Preliminary Interview and Revocation Hearing Form (Parole Form F-2) Appeal Form (Parole Form I-22) Appointment of Counsel Under the Criminal Justice Act (Form CJA-22) Notice of Hearing-Parole Application Representative and Disclosure Request (Parole Form I-24) Certification of Identity (DOJ Form 361).

Rosinsky, appeals the Circuit Court of Mason County’s February 28, 2020, order denying her petition for a writ of. Apr 1, 2016 · The subjectivity of the current process is powerfully illustrated by the tremendous variations in the rate at which states grant parole at parole hearings, which vary from a high of 87% in Nebraska to a low of 7% in Ohio, with many states granting parole to just 20% to 30% of the individuals who are eligible. Parole Services Southern District, Region 2: Boone, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Logan, Mingo and Roane Counties.

Sallaz, Superintendent, Lakin Correctional Center, and the West Virginia Parole Board, Respondents Below, Respondents MEMORANDUM DECISION Petitioner Tammy Wilson, by counsel Timothy P.

Parole Services is dedicated to enhancing public safety, remediating the behavior of criminal offenders to acceptable community standards, protecting the interests of the victims of crime and sustaining a secure environment for all people in the State of West Virginia through active supervision. ARTICLE 12. .

D. Services Provided.

Also, be sure to include information regarding the date of the parole hearing, as well.

Parole Services Southern District, Region 2: Boone, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Logan, Mingo and Roane Counties.

. The provisions of Paragraph I [now Subsection A of 22.

However, the grant rate in 2015 — or the percentage of individuals given a hearing who were actually released — was a very respectable 65%. Fax Number: 304-558-5678.

Murphy said the law only allows for a parole hearing and does not guarantee any of the felons immediate parole.
You can contact the Parole Board at the address, telephone number and fax number listed below.

The latest data for Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities is now available on the main COVID-19 data dashboard, under "Outbreaks," as of Jan.

May 9, 2023 · May 9, 2023 - 6:00 pm. Charleston, WV 25311 Phone: 304. 5934.

No. class=" fc-falcon">§62-12-22. . Supervises and counsels offenders in office, home and community settings. .


. Current through Register Vol.


Summary (2017-05-23) Relating to parole requirements for hearings and release [Chapter 62, Acts, Regular Session, 2017].


A panel of three Parole Board Members conducts all parole hearings with one Member being designated as the “lead interviewer” A determination, based on West Virginia.