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Dec 21, 2021 · fc-falcon">Your first role in real estate appraisal will be as a supervised trainee or apprentice.

A trainee or apprentice appraiser will get hands-on training from a seasoned real estate appraiser. Certified General.



The Board has adopted a policy regarding pre-review of experience. Licensure by Reciprocity & Licensure by Act 41: The board shall have the power to grant a reciprocal certification to an applicant who is certified as an appraiser or licensed as an appraiser trainee in another state and has demonstrated qualifications which equal or exceed those required pursuant to this act in the determination of. Appraiser trainees' average base salary is about $37,590, according to Payscale.

Nov 10, 2020 · Steps to becoming an appraiser in the state of North Carolina.

If you are already licensed, have applied for a license, are about to apply for a license, or are renewing your license from the Board of Real Estate Appraisers:. Jul 15, 2022 · A real estate appraiser provides an objective and unbiased estimate or appraisal of the value of a property. Ask the real estate appraisers if they will accept you as their apprentice.

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Appraiser trainees' average base salary is about $37,590, according to Payscale.

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( Suggestions for finding a supervisor/mentor) STEP 2: Successfully complete 75 hours of qualifying education courses approved by the Board. If any of the required items are missing from an application upon receipt by AALCB, the application will be returned.

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To find an appraiser who might be able to train you, run a search online for “real estate appraisers.

The amount of income of an appraiser earns depends on many factors, including license level, years of experience, and key competencies.

May 6, 2021 · Become a trainee appraiser by contacting real estate appraisers.

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. [1] 2. Board of Real Estate Appraisers 301 S. Lastly, learning the ‘appraisal subject matter electives course’ for 20 hours. Commercial and residential real. .


To verify that their USPAP course was taken after Feb. After passing your exam, you can apply to become a licensed residential appraiser.

How to become a real estate appraiser.

Work under the supervisory appraiser to get at least 1 years' real estate appraiser experience (12 full months, first date through last date of experience log,.



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